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Humanity’s fascination with the heavens is universal across many cultures and enduring over recorded history. We are driven to explore, to learn about new worlds, to push the boundaries of our knowledge and technical limits. Nowhere is this truer than with man’s quest to explore the Solar System and understand our place in the Universe.

Children are naturally interested and fascinated with anything Space or Astronomy because it taps into that human sense of exploration and wonder about the heavens. Nowadays we know more about our Solar System, the Milky Way and our Universe than ever before and Spaceopedia aims to enlighten and educate the children of the world by providing the resources for them to learn and be inspired to possibly take up a career in science, astronomy or even become an Astronaut!

Spaceopedia covers the major topics in Astronomy, lists Fun Facts about the Solar System’s planets, moons, asteroids, comets to name a few. You’ll find information on the major Human Spaceflight missions, the Astronauts who flew them, Rockets, Space Exploration probes plus much more!

Spaceopedia Webmaster

Hi there, my name is Travis and I developed Spaceopedia! I grew up in New Zealand where we have vast dark skies with the tremendous Milky Way stretching across it. I, like many children, was naturally drawn to Space and Astronomy and while growing up I would spend many nights outside marvelling at the planets, satellites (that orbited overhead), the thousands of twinkling stars, streaking meteors and on the rare occasion maybe even spying a comet in the evening sky!

Spaceopedia launched in 2018 as a result of my passion for anything Space or Exploration related and my keenness to share this fascinating subject with the children of the world so they too can learn (and be amazed!) by the wonders of the Solar System and Universe!

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Do you have a comment, feedback or a question to ask? Maybe you have a suggestion for another cool fun fact, or whole page on a Space related topic that should be on Spaceopedia! If so, I’d be great to hear from you! To contact me, just send an email to