Magical Images of The Colourful Aurora!

The aurora (also known as the polar lights or northern lights), is the stunning natural light display in the Earth's night sky, mainly seen in the high latitudes near the Arctic and Antarctic. The excited atoms of the upper atmosphere emit light of varying colours in ghostly sheets and patterns. They must be seen to be believed so enjoy them by viewing this selection of images of the aurora as seen from Earth and space. You can learn how they’re formed and learn fun facts about them on the Spaceopedia Aurora page!


Aurora Above
Structure of magnetosphere
Aurora Borealis in Estonia (Image credit: Kristian Pikner)
Purple and Green Aurora (Image Credit: of Sebastian Saarloos)
Aurora and Manicouagan Crater
Aurora From Above
Aurora Australis
Soyuz Aurora
South Pole Aurora (Image Credit: NASA / UC Berkeley)
'Northern Lights' on Jupiter
Saturn's vivid auroral
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