View These Incredible Image Galleries!

Here you can find some of the most amazing pictures ever taken by NASA, ESA and the other space agencies during humanities exploration of the Solar System and beyond. Marvel at the breathtaking images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope of the stunning objects in the Milky Way (like nebula) and even entire other galaxies – how cool!

There are separate pages for images (and information) on the Solar System’s Planets, Moons, some of the Asteroids of the Asteroid Belt, Meteorites that have fallen to Earth and the Aurora above our heads in the night skies. Image galleries of Rockets that lifted the Satellites and Space Probes into space, not to mention the crazy little Rovers/Landers that have explored the surface of alien worlds! View them all and be amazed!

Incredible Images of The Planets!

There have been 8 confirmed planets discovered orbiting the Sun within our Solar System. It has only been in the most recent decades, that we have learnt much about them when spacecraft visited and image them directly. This is especially true for the outer gas giants because of their distance from Earth. However, spacecraft visiting the terrestrial planets have also been able to send back incredible images, in much finer detail, than is possible by Earth-based telescopes or even the Hubble Space Telescope. Enjoy exploring by viewing this amazing selection of images, some of the best ever taken, and select the planet title to learn fun facts about each!

saturn rings

Stunning Images of The Moons Of The Solar System

Moons are natural satellites orbiting around other bodies in the Solar System such as planets, dwarf planets and even asteroids! There are over 430 known moons in the Solar System with potentially many more yet to be discovered! Maybe you’ll discover one in the future orbiting a distance Kuiper Belt object or an asteroid. Enjoy exploring by viewing this amazing selection of moon images, some of the best ever taken, and select the moon below the gallery to learn fun facts about each!


Cool Images of Asteroids!

It has only been in the last few decades that humans have seen what Asteroids look like up close when the first spacecrafts visited. Enjoy exploring the Asteroid Belt by viewing this amazing selection of images of the asteroids that have been visited and had their pictures taken! Check out the Asteroid Belt page to learn all the fun facts!


Amazing Images of The Heavenly Gas Clouds – Nebulae!

Nebulae are the beautiful interstellar clouds of dust, hydrogen, helium (and other ionized gases) that we can see from Earth. Most require powerful telescopes but some like the Orion Nebula is visible with the naked eye on a dark night! Explore the beauty of the Milky Way’s nebulae by viewing this amazing selection of images, some of the best ever taken, and read the Nebula page to learn more about them!

Breathtaking Images of The Universes’ Galaxies!

Until the early 20th century it was thought the entire Universe was contained within our own Milky Way Galaxy. Once larger telescopes were developed and it was revealed that other entire galaxies, many larger than ours, were found meaning our Universe expanded exponentially! Enjoy exploring the Universe by viewing this amazing selection of some of the best images ever taken of other galaxies, from spiral galaxies, to elliptical ones, the strange ring galaxies and even colliding galaxies!


Wicked Cool Images of Space Rockets!

Rockets are some of the coolest machines that humans have ever developed and they range in size and type. The following image gallery has some of the most impressive images of the early rockets, the Saturn V that took men to the moon, the future Space Launch System to the modern commercial rockets such as the Falcon 9 and Antares. Plus there are lots of images of exploding rockets! Enjoy exploring the amazing selection of rocket images, some of the best ever taken, and learn more fun facts about each by visiting the rockets page on Spaceopedia!


Images of Satellites That Orbit Planet Earth!

Thousands of satellites are whizzing over our heads all day every day and have changed life on Earth. Many are used for communication, TV, GPS and some are used for scientific research. NASA has many satellites in orbit, the most famous being the Hubble Space Telescope and International Space Station! Become an explorer by viewing this amazing selection of images, some of the best ever taken, of the satellites orbiting Earth (kind of like little man-manned moons!) and visit the Satellites page to learn fun facts about each!

Wicked Cool Images of Exploration Space Probes!

Since the dawn of the Space Age we have sent dozens of probes into space to study our Solar System and the Cosmos. Check out these image galleries of probes we’ve sent to study the planets, moons, asteroids, comets and even our own planet! Enjoy learning and exploring by viewing these amazing images, some of the best ever taken, and they’re free to use as most were taken by NASA! If you select the gallery title you can also learn fun facts about each probe!


Image Gallery of Space Explorations Landers And Rovers!

Children love space probes that land and especially the rovers – they are man’s little robot explorers! There have been dozens of successful landers that have reached the surface of Venus, the Moon, Mars, Comets, asteroids and even Titan the largest moon of Saturn (and the Solar System)! Enjoy exploring these alien worlds through some of the most impressive images ever beamed back to Earth and if you visit the Space Probes that Landed page you can learn interesting facts about each!

Space Rocks- Incredible Images of Meteorites!

Space Rocks! Meteors and meteorites are some of the most spectacular events and objects that can witnessed and found by anyone. Meteorites are ancient pieces of the original building blocks of the Solar System and come in a fascinating array unlike any rocks found on Earth! Explore the different types by viewing this amazing selection of images of meteorites found that fell from the skies and visit the Meteorites page to learn fun facts about them so you can identify them when you go exploring for these Space Rocks!


Magical Images of The Colourful Aurora!

The aurora (also known as the polar lights or northern lights), is the stunning natural light display in the Earth's night sky, mainly seen in the high latitudes near the Arctic and Antarctic. The excited atoms of the upper atmosphere emit light of varying colours in ghostly sheets and patterns. They must be seen to be believed so enjoy them by viewing this selection of images of the aurora as seen from Earth and space. You can learn how they’re formed and learn fun facts about them on the Spaceopedia Aurora page!