Astronomy is a fascinating and exciting science which seeks to explain the origins (and to understand) of objects we observe in Space! Below you can explore the best astronomy topics and learn cool facts about the Planets and Moons of the Solar System, Eclipses (Solar & Lunar), Meteors & Meteorites, Constellations, the Polar Lights, different kinds of Telescopes and even read about how Orbits work!

You can learn about how craters are formed, look through images of the coolest craters that space probes have spotted and even learn about how we are searching for Extraterrestrial Life i.e. Aliens! Don’t forget to read about the human history of astronomical events and to check out some of the Coolest Space Apps and Astronomy Activities for Children too!


Timeline Of Astronomy & Exploration!

Since ancient times we have believed that the heavens were the realm of the gods with Planet Earth at the centre of it all! Learn about key moments that have helped reveal the true nature of the universe!


The Eclipse Of The Moon And Sun!

There are two major types of eclipse that involve the Earth - a Lunar Eclipse (where the Moon is eclipsed by the Earth) and a Solar Eclipse (where the Sun is eclipsed by the Moon)! These are Must See Events for every young astronomer!


Constellations - Objects In The Sky!

Ever wondered what your zodiac sign is and how the constellations came to be?! Learn how to read Star Charts so you can find them!

You can Learn Twenty Fun Facts about the mythical animals, objects, gods (and more) that make up the constellations!


Meteors & Meteorites!

Also known as ‘shooting stars’, most are small (like during Meteor Showers), but some are HUGE (like the Chelyabinsk Meteor and Tunguska Event)! Others reach the Earth’s surface and form big craters (such as Meteor Crater and the Chicxulub Crater). Learn Cool Facts about these Space Rocks here!


The Aurora A.K.A. The Polar Lights!

Aurora, Polar Lights, Northern Lights etc are all different names for the same beautiful and ghostly natural lights seen in the night sky (Aurora Images) around the North and South Poles! Learn Cool Facts about the Aurora and where and when to see them for yourself!


Earth's Orbit, Seasons & Cycles!

Have you ever wondered what causes the seasons? Are you closer to the Sun during summer and further away during winter? Does the Earth orbit the Sun in a perfect circle? Find out the answers to these questions, and more, by checking out Earth’s Orbit & Natural Cycles!

Astronomy Activities and Projects For Children!

Space and Astronomy is such a Great and Fascinating subject for children to learn about. These Astronomy related Activities and Projects specifically for children are a great way to inspire interest in the subject while having fun at the same time!


Facts About Telescopes!

These instruments are an astronomer’s best friend! They come in many forms (and sizes) and have even been put into space like the Hubble Space Telescope! Some of the major Earth-based telescopes are called; Arecibo Radio Telescope, Five-Hundred Aperture Radio Telescope, the Mauna Kea Telescopes, Very Large Array (VLA) and Atacama Large Array (ALMA).


What Is An Orbit & How Does It work?!

What keeps an object in orbit around another? Why don’t they just fly apart?! It’s fascinating to Learn Facts About Orbits and their Tidal Forces as we see objects orbiting each other wherever we look in space!


Smartphone Space Apps!

Check out Ten of the Best Smartphone Space Apps for children to learn and explore space astronomy topics with!