Space Probes To Smaller Solar System Objects

As you'll probably know, a space probe is those expensive robotic spacecraft launched from Earth to explore other worlds in outer space. The spacecraft may only travel a short distance to Earth’s Moon; or travel further through interplanetary space to an asteroid, comet or moon of another planet! The space probe may simply flyby, enter orbit or land on the moon or minor planet.


Space Probes Dispatched To The Far Reaches Of The Solar System!

A number of different space agencies (such as Roscomos, NASA, European Space Agency, China, Japan and India) have launched space probes to various planets, moons, asteroids, near Earth objects and even comets to satisfy the human need to explore, but also to learn more about our Solar System, its formation and ultimately our place in the Universe! There have been hundreds of space probes launched since the beginning of the Space Age, and at any one time there are approximately 10 – 15 current space probe missions travelling through space. Here you’ll find a few of the coolest and most interesting missions along with how space probes power and propel themselves while in deep space for years!

Destination Moons!

To The Asteroids!

Comet Bound!

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Rosetta at Mars - Rosetta passed just 250km from the surface of Mars where Philae lander took this image 4 minutes before closest approach at a distance of 1000 km. (Image Credit: ESA)