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There's a whole lot of space out there beyond Earth, and there are lots of space games out there too; which isn’t surprising considering how popular space, space exploration and astronomy is! Many of these space games have been around for a long time, but make sure you check out the list below with many of the best children’s games from the timeless Space Invaders through to NASA's Mars Rover game! Even older people will enjoy the challenge of playing these!


10 Fun Space Games That Adults Can Play Too!

  1. Space Invaders is one of the original space games and became super popular! You can play here, but don’t worry, the idea is very simple. You are a spaceship that must destroy the invading enemy spaceships, with your ray gun, as they descend in front of you!
  2. The game Asteroids is an old arcade style game that is set in the main Asteroid belt. Basically, you are the pilot of a ship that must destroy as many asteroids that come your way, while also avoiding enemy ships!
  3. When playing the NASA game Helios, you need to keep the Sun shining bright! You do this by combining protons and neutrons, in just the right way, to make helium which releases energy – just like the real Sun!
  4. Another NASA game is Galactic Explorer which you’re sure to love. Your mission as the explorer is to safely fly your spacecraft on a journey to visit as many galaxies as possible!
  5. Mars Rover drivers wanted! Search for water as your rover climbs up and down hills to explore Mars. Drive carefully! One crater crash and it's "game over" for your rover! You can Play the Game Here!
  6. Mars Lander is a simple but cool space game for kids. You have to land the spaceship on the spot, but make sure the speed of the spaceship isn’t too high when landing, otherwise the spaceship will crash! Oh No!
  7. Explore the Solar System by launching probes with the Voyager NASA game.
  8. Enjoy the thrill of collecting points as you travel around the Solar System on along specific paths! Play the Space Traveler game here.
  9. Check out these two simple games for younger children; let their inner explorer out with Nina’s Earth Explorer’s and this Star Gazing game!
  10. You’ll enjoy playing this action-packed game – Asteroid Rush - as you blast your way through this unpredictable Asteroid Belt!
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Mars Lander
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