Manned spaceflight is a dream for millions and fascinates millions more, but before April 12th 1961 when Vostok-1, with Yuri Gagarin on board becoming the first person in space, it was only ever an impossible dream! Since then human spaceflight has achieved many milestones from the first women in space, first spacewalks, docking spacecraft on orbit, built space stations, flown reusable spaceplanes (Space Shuttles & Buran), learnt to live in space on long-duration missions and we even put a man on the Moon!

Since the construction of the International Space Station (ISS), humans have been continuously in space since November 2nd 2000. To get there the space travellers rode the Space Shuttles or Soyuz spacecraft to and from the ISS. Seven space tourists were even lucky enough in the early 2000’s to visit the ISS for up to 2 weeks; for a handsome fee of course!

Human spaceflight has typically been a government only activity, as it is very expensive! However, as technology progresses, commercial spaceflight is steadily entering into the human spaceflight arena to develop a space tourism industry! NASA has also played a key role in encouraging the private sector to enter and develop a commercial cargo resupply (to the ISS) and commercial crew transportation service (for NASA to the ISS or space tourism).

New human spacecraft are always being developed for the exploration of deep space beyond the Moon such as Russia’s Federation spacecraft, NASA’s Orion capsule or SpaceX’s Starship which are in a race to land humans on Planet Mars!


What Do People Eat In Space?!

People often wonder what do astronauts eat in space when there’s no grocery store to go too? Well, they eat specially prepared Space Food! Read about it here.


Life In Space And It's Effects

How do astronauts live in space? How do they sleep? Go toilet? Can they exercise in space? What do they do for entertainment? Let's take a look at life while working and living in the space!


A Space Travellers Spacesuit

For humans to explore, work, make repairs or conduct experiments in space they need a suit to protect them and give the support needed to survive! There are various types of spacesuits, varying in design depending on the purpose. Check out these cool facts about these Human Spacecraft!


Soviet & Russian Spacecraft

Soviet/Russian space programs have achieved many milestones such as Vostok-1 which launched the first man into space! Other human spacecraft include the Voskhod, Soyuz, the Buran spaceplane and the next generation Federation capsule which is currently under development!


The Chinese Manned Spacecraft!

The Shenzhou is China’s spacecraft at the centre of their human spaceflight program and the one which launched their first taikonaut into space on October 15th 2003! Learn lots of quick facts about the Shenzhou here!


American's (NASA) Space Programs

Formed in 1958 to challenge the USSR, during the 'Space Race' to the Moon, NASA has led the United States manned space exploration efforts, in addition to the robotic exploration of the solar system. Learn all about NASA’s human spaceflight and space probes!


Apollo Program - Man Walks On The Moon!

The Apollo Program achieved one of humanities greatest achievements when with Apollo 11 on July 21st 1969 it landed a man on the Moon! A total of 5 additional successful moon landings followed which resulted in 12 men walking on the Moon.


Learn About NASA's Iconic Space Shuttles!

The iconic Space Transportation System (STS) otherwise known as the Space Shuttles, consisted of 6 spacecraft in total. The test vehicle Enterprise and the five Orbiters Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour!


Famous Space Travellers & Their Achievements!

Professional space travellers are called different names such as Astronauts, Cosmonauts and Taikonauts, but they are all trained to either command, pilot or be crew members aboard a spacecraft which beyond the boundary of space! Learn about the most famous travellers.



Space Tourism – Read About Taking A Trip To Space!

Throughout history becoming a space traveller has been a dream, for millions of children and adults, now it’s closer than ever to be reality, with the advent of Space Tourism! Whether its sub-orbital, orbital or lunar space tourism! Check it out here!


Orbital Commercial Spacecraft

Dream Chaser Cargo – the new tiny Shuttle!
Orbital ATK Cygnus – cargo carried to the ISS
Dragon Cargo – SpaceX’s fire-breathing Dragon
Dragon Crew – SpaceX’s commercial crew vehicle
CST-100 Starliner – The Boeing commercial crew carrier