Mission Insignias/Patches Make Cool Souvenirs!

A mission patch is an embroiled or printed cloth patch of a spaceflight mission insignia worn by the astronauts and other associated personnel associated with that mission. Traditionally, the patch is worn on the space suit that astronauts and cosmonauts wear when launched into space.

Mission Insignias

The tradition of wearing a ‘Mission Patch’ stems from test pilots, who made up the early astronauts groups, wearing military markings on their shoulders. The Soviet cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova (on the Vostok 6 spaceflight in 1963) was the first to wear a space patch. Mission patches were first sported by NASA astronauts in 1965 when Gordon Cooper prompted the Gemini 5 patch, prior to this mission spacecraft were named, such as the Mercury spacecraft being named ‘Freedom 7’, ‘Friendship 7’ etc.US space missions (such as each Space Shuttle Flight) have had specific design, and since the mid-1980s most Soviet/Russian flights also featured space patches.

See some of the Coolest Mission Insignias for various Space Missions (mainly NASA) since the start of the Space Age!

Russian Space Agency
Project Mercury
Project Gemini
Apollo Program Patch
Space Shuttle Program
International Space Station
Chinese Space Agency Missions
Space Probe Insignia
NASA Orion Spacecraft
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