Human’s have always gazed up at the night sky and wondered what secrets it holds. Inside each and every one of us is a natural instinct to wonder and explore what is beyond the known horizon. To discover and learn about distant new worlds! To take on impossible challenges and explore the Final Frontier! Space exploration aims to reveal those secrets and answer questions about our place in the universe and how our own solar system formed.

We’ve conquered challenges like developing rockets, space probes, rovers, building huge space stations and even landed men on the Moon. Our exploration of space has benefited us in many ways, not just by learning about these distant worlds, but by satisfying our natural curiosity, our need to explore.

Our past achievements (space exploration timeline) have taught us how to live in space while inspiring us to continue to explore deeper into the solar system and beyond! Whether it is the latest unmanned space probe bound for an unchartered world or a manned mission to Mars, there are so many exciting journeys ahead!


Rockets | The First, Biggest & Best!

Rockets are those Really Cool Tall and Skinny Machines which have fire blasting out the bottom. First used during World War II, they are now used to put satellites, probes and people into space! Learn all about the early ones from the V2 to the biggest, the Saturn V, which put man on the Moon! SpaceX’s rocket the Falcon 9 even lands itself! Incredible!


Satellites - Earth's Artificial Moons!

Have you ever looked up in the night sky and seen a slow moving satellite as it orbits Earth? Well since the first satellite, Sputnik-1, there has been nearly 7,000 launched with over 1,000 active at any one time. Some will even become space junk once they’re no longer useful. Check out & learn about satellites here.


Space Station | Man's Home In The Sky!

Interested in learning Cool Facts about space stations? From the first Soviet Salyut station to Skylab, the Mir Space Station and the amazing International Space Station (ISS)! Every day we learn more and more about how to live in space which will help us one day explore the outer solar system!


Space Probes | Exploring The Solar System!

Enjoy learning and exploring the solar system from the comfort of home thanks to the amazing space probes! Dispatched to the Moon and on long interplanetary missions to fascinating planets and moons! Read exciting Fun Facts about Current Missions and also Cool Future Missions that are planned to launch soon!


Landers & Rovers Explore The Surface!

Some of the most difficult (and Coolest) missions are made by Landers and Rovers! Whether the destination is the Moon, Venus, Mars or Saturn’s moon Titan! You can learn Fun Facts and see their incredible pictures (including the Curiosity rover’s selfies!) they’ve taken here.


Human Spaceflight | The Final Frontier!

Manned spaceflight is a dream for millions and, but before April 12th 1961 it was only ever an impossible dream! Here you can enjoy learning about American space missions, spacesuits, life in space, what astronauts eat and so much more!


Apollo Program | Man Walks On The Moon!

The Apollo Program achieved one of humanities greatest achievements when with Apollo 11 on July 21st 1969 it landed a man on the Moon! A total of 5 additional successful moon landings followed which resulted in 12 men walking on the Moon.


Learn About The Iconic Space Shuttles!

The iconic Space Transportation System (STS) otherwise known as the Space Shuttles, consisted of 6 spacecraft in total. The test vehicle Enterprise and the five Orbiters Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour!


Famous Space Travellers | Astronauts, Cosmonauts & Taikonauts!

Professional space travellers are called different names such as Astronauts, Cosmonauts and Taikonauts, but they are all trained to either command, pilot or be one of the crew aboard a spacecraft which goes beyond the boundary of space! Learn about the most famous travellers.