Explore Uranus' 27 Moons!

Uranus is the 7th planet from the Sun with the 3rd highest number of moons, all of which are named after characters from the works of the playwright William Shakespeare and the poet Alexander Pope. Uranus' 27 moons are divided into 3 main groups, 13 inner moons, 5 major spherical moons and 9 irregular outer moons. The largest moon is called Titania, with a diameter of 1,578 km, was discovered in 1787 along with Oberon. The smaller Ariel and Umbriel were discovered in 1851 with the mysterious Miranda being discovered in 1948 and the remaining 22 moons were identified after 1985 when the Voyager 2 spacecraft flew by the Uranus system and from Earth-based telescopes.


Uranus' Largest Moon Titania!

Titania is the largest moon of Uranus and the 8th largest moon in the solar system, it is heavily cratered with an extensive system of enormous canyons and scarps cutting across its surface. Learn Interesting Facts about Titania here.


Read About The Battered Moon Oberon

One of the large spherical moons of Uranus, Oberon was named after the King of the Fairies from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It’s the most heavily cratered and outer most large moon! Check it out here…


Explore Strangely Dark Moon Umbriel

Umbriel is the darkest of the five spherical moons of Uranus and one of the 19 spherical moons in the solar system. Besides being heavily cratered, there are few other notable surface features. Click to Explore!

Learn About The Moon Criss-Crossed With Canyons

One of the large spherical moons of Uranus, Ariel is the second closest of the 5 large moons, but the most reflective, possibly on account of its relatively young dynamic and varied surfaces!


Fascinatingly Fractured Miranda

Discovered in 1948, Miranda is famous for having one of the most extreme topographies in the solar system including a strange patchwork surface and the highest fault scarp discovered! Read about Miranda here…

Uranus' Puck & 21 Other Small Moons

The distant planet of Uranus has 22 small moons orbiting it (that we know about…) discovered between 1985 and 2003. Learn lots of Fun Facts here about these weird little irregular satellites!

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