If you’re interested in learning all about Space and the Universe then you’re at the right place! Space is a fascinating subject and includes everything from Earth to the most distant objects created shortly after the Big Bang! Space is just enormous, far far faaar bigger than you could ever imagine, and even with our amazing instruments and space-based observatories, we have only studied a small fraction of it. To make it even more interesting, space is constantly changing and expanding at an ever-increasing rate - a fact that astronomers still can’t explain!

Check out any of the subjects below to learn lots of fun facts about this subject which is just Out of this World!


What Is Space?

Have you ever wondered what Space is? If you’re curious to learn about this mysterious environment, high above your head, where the stars and the other planets live, then you can by clicking here!


Big Bang | Birth Of A Universe!

The Big Bang is a theory of how the universe was created and evolved into the universe we see today! From a single point to complex life, learn all about how scientists believe it all began!


Learn About Stars!

Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are! Read on to learn Fun Facts about Stars; the light and heat giving engines which make life on Earth possible! Check out the different types of Stars too!


Nebulae | A Galaxies Clouds!

Nebulae are enormous diffuse interstellar clouds of dust, ions and gas that we often see beautiful pictures of. They are the birthplace of the stars and planets!

Facts About Galaxies!

Galaxies are huge collections of stars, gas, planets etc that are all held together by gravity. Their true nature wasn’t even known until the early 1920’s, but you can learn all about galaxies here on Spaceopedia!


The Milky Way (Our Galaxy)

The galaxy that is home to our Sun, along with over 200 billion other stars and possibly even more Exoplanets! The Milky Way is easily viewed in the night sky – just look for the bright band stretched across the heavens!


Supernova | Death Of A Star!

Supernovas are the largest explosions in space and are caused when a star’s core suddenly collapses and explodes! This is how large stars die and its super cool!! Learn Fun Facts about Supernova here!


Mysterious Black Holes!

These are regions of space where Gravity Reigns Supreme! Where the crushing force of gravity doesn't even let light escape. Can you escape learning about these fascinating deep space objects?!


Gravity | Stranger than Fiction

Affecting everything in the universe and the reason everything is attracted to everything! It is the reason the Earth orbits the Sun and why you find it difficult to jump high! Except when on a ‘Zero-G’ flight! Read these Fun Facts about Gravity!


The Universe & Its Future

To a large degree, scientists believe they understand how the universe began and evolved, to what we see today. However, mysteries like dark matter and dark energy still puzzle them even today! So how do scientists believe the universe will evolve, billions of years into the future? Check out here what we think we know.