Hubble Space Telescope | Mankind’s Window To The Universe!

The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) is a large telescope in space that is as large as a school bus! It speeds around Earth in only 95 minutes taking stunning pictures of planets, comets, asteroids, stars, nebular and entire galaxies! Enjoy learning Cool Facts about Hubble and its incredible contribution to our understanding of the universe!

25 Amazing Facts About The International Space Station (ISS)!

Check out these Cool Space Facts about the International Space Station (ISS)! Learn when it was launched, how big it is, how many astronauts have visited it and many more interesting facts. The ISS is an orbiting science laboratory helping us to learn how humans can live and work in space. This will help us make long-duration trips to Mars and the outer solar system!

Opportunity Rover | NASA’s Record-Setting Rover!

The Opportunity Rover is one of two Mars Exploration Rovers sent to the Red Planet in 2003 by NASA. The little 6-wheeled rover has far outlasted its planned 90-day surface mission, covering over 45 kilometres during its 14+ years exploring Mars’ dusty surface. Enjoy learning about Opportunity's epic adventure!


Curiosity | NASA’s Nuclear Powered Mars Rover

Want to learn about the Curiosity Rover? Well, here you can read interesting facts about the car-sized robot sent to Mars to study the Martian climate and geology. Originally meant to last just 2 years, Curiosity has long since passed this and will continue to explore the Red Planet for years to come!


Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter | Mapping The Moon!

Learn about NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) - the probe orbiting the Moon to image the lunar surface! LRO is helping identify if water-ice exists in the dark polar craters and where the resources, and best landing sites, are for possible future manned missions by taking detained pictures. Check it out here!


A ‘2001 Space Odyssey’ To Map Mars!

NASA's longest-serving spacecraft in operation at Mars. The mission’s primary science objective was to compile the first map of the composition of chemical elements and minerals that make up the Martian surface. The orbiter now primarily operates as a data relay satellite for Mars’ other missions today. Check out more here!


Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter | Imaging Mars From Above!

The MRO was designed to carry out reconnaissance and exploration of Mars from orbit. Its high-resolution images are revealing amazing landforms and discoveries while identifying landing sites for future spacecraft. Its powerful transmitters also perform valuable data relay services for NASA’s lander and rover missions. Check out the MRO amazing photos here!


Juno Spacecraft | Return to Jupiter!

Here you can check out Cool Facts about the Juno spacecraft! Juno became the second probe to orbit Jupiter in 2016. The probe is studying the gas giant’s composition, gravity field, magnetosphere and dynamic atmosphere to learn about its formation!  The probe will end its mission by deliberately crashing into Jupiter so check it out before it does!

New Horizon – To Pluto & Beyond!

Here you can learn lots of interesting facts about the amazing New Horizons mission which after a 9 ½ year journey, flew by Pluto (and its moons) in July 2015. It captured stunning never before seen up-close images of the dwarf planet! Now New Horizons is heading further into the Kuiper Belt to study other ancient, icy mini-worlds!


The Ground-breaking & Futuristic Dawn Spacecraft

Learn Fun Facts about the groundbreaking Dawn Spacecraft and its mission to explore the two largest asteroids Vesta and the dwarf planet Ceres. Launched in 2007, Dawn became the first probe to orbit an asteroid and the first to orbit two on the same mission! Dawn also used futuristic Ion propulsion thrusters to get around; a truly remarkable mission!


The OSIRIS-Rex Asteroid Sample Return Mission!

The OSIRIS-REx spacecraft is a unique sample return mission to the carbonaceous asteroid Bennu which is also a potentially hazardous asteroid that may hit Earth. The sample may answer questions about how the solar system formed, identify its composition and may even shed light on its potential resources for future space missions!


Mars Insight Lander - Probing Mars' Depths!

NASA's InSight Mars mission is a soft lander equipped with a seismometer and heat transfer probe to perform geophysical studies of Mars’ deep interior, while also monitoring Mars’ weather. The Mars Insight mission is aimed at better understanding Mars’ development and is planned to land on Mars in November 2018!

Parker Solar Probe’s Journey To ‘Touch The Sun’

One of NASA’s most extreme missions ever, the Parker Solar Probe is going where no spacecraft has gone before. The probe will fly through the Sun’s outer atmosphere at speeds up to 700,000 kph (430,000 mph) braving temperatures as high as 1,400 °C (2,500 °F) and intense radiation all while being buffeted by the solar winds - this is one hardy little probe!

The Two-For-One BepiColombo Mission To Mercury

The BepiColombo mission is the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agencies (JAXA) first interplanetary mission to the Planet Mercury. It will take 7 long years, involving several flybys of EarthVenus and Mercury before the BepiColombo spacecraft enters orbit around Mercury! Learn more here!