The Funniest Space Jokes

Read and memorize these funny space-related jokes that children will enjoy! The jokes cover topics such as astronauts, space travel, astronomy, the Moon, planets and space puns. Entertain your friends or family with your favourite ones!

The Funny Side Of Space, Astronauts & Space Exploration!

  1. What was the first animal into space? The cow that jumped over the moon...
  2. Einstein developed a theory about space, and about time too!
  3. What did the astronaut look for after parking his spaceship in orbit? A parking meteor!
  4. What is E.T. short for? Because he has small legs...
  5. What do people think about the restaurant on the moon? Despite being full, there was no atmosphere.
  6. Well what do they say about the space restaurant? I hear their food is out of this world!
  7. I love the way the Earth rotates, it really makes my day.
  8. Why didn't The Sun go to college? Because it already had a million degrees!
  9. Why don’t aliens eat clowns? Because they taste funny.
  10. Why is Saturn so rich? Because it has lots of rings!
  11. What dance do all astronauts know? The moonwalk.
  12. How do you throw a party in space? You have to plan-et.
  13. How do you know when the moon is going broke? When it's down to its last quarter.
  14. If an athlete gets athlete's foot, do astronauts get missiletoe?
  15. Why don’t astronauts keep their jobs for very long? Because as soon as they start they get fired!
  16. What does an astronaut do when he gets angry? He blasts off!
  17. Why are astronauts successful people? Because they always go up in the world!
  18. Why did The Sun go to school? To get brighter!
  19. If you were in space no one can hear you scream. That’s understandable as you’d be hundreds of miles away...
  20. What’s a light-year? The same as a regular year, but with fewer calories...
  21. What is an astronauts favourite chocolate? A Mars bar of course!
  22. What did the astronaut say when he crashed into the moon? I Apollo-gize.
  23. I want to be an astronaut when I grow up. You could say I have high hopes...
  24. What is an astronaut's favourite place on a computer? The space bar...
  25. Why did Mickey Mouse go to outer space? He was looking for Pluto!
  26. Why didn’t the Dog Star laugh at the joke? It was too Sirius...
  27. Why did the star get arrested? Because it was a shooting star!
  28. What did Mars say to Saturn? Give me a ring sometime!
  29. What do moon people do when they get married? They go off on their honeyearth!
  30. I was up all night wondering where The Sun had gone, then it dawned on me... 😂

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Space Jokes
Space Jokes