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Take a Journey through the incredible and fascinating subject of Space. Explore the wonders of the heavens by reading Fun Facts about our Solar System's Planets, Dwarf Planets, Moons, Asteroids, Meteorites and the Sun to mention a few!

Learn about man’s exploration of space with Rockets, Space Probes and Human Spaceflight including the Apollo missions to the Moon and the mighty Space Shuttles! Check out the topics below to begin your own Adventure of Discovery!

Learn About The Solar System!

The inner Solar System is made up of the 4 rocky planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and the Asteroid Belt! Learn about Earth’s Moon, or any of the other several hundred moons in the Solar System. Have fun reading Cool Facts about the Meteorites which reach Earth’s surface and the Impact Craters they form!


Further out in the frozen outer Solar System is the home of the Gas Giants (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) along with several Dwarf Planets and countless other icy bodies in the Kuiper Belt. Further out lays the Scattered Disc and Oort Cloud which is thought to be the home of Comets!

Outer Space And The Universe

Enjoy learning amazing facts about the Galaxy and Universe! From how the Universe was 'born' during the Big Bang, to how Galaxies formed, to the first light of the Stars (and their different types) and how some die in a gigantic explosions called a Supernova!

Find out Cool Fun Facts about Nebulae and see incredible pictures of some from within the Milky Way Galaxy! Scientists have even been discovering Exoplanets which orbit other stars!

Learn what the mysterious objects known as Black holes are, what ‘Space’ is and find out how that strange ‘force’ Gravity works.

Exploring The Final Frontier

A dream of man since the dawn of time, you can learn about the major missions and milestones of Space Exploration!

From the first V-2 Rockets to the monstrous Saturn V which took men to the Moon, all the way up to SpaceX's reusable Falcon 9 Heavy rocket!

Learn Facts about the history of Human Spaceflight, the Satellites that orbit the Earth like the International Space Station (ISS) and the famous Hubble Space Telescope and new James Webb Telescope!

Explore space by reading about the Space Probes that have been sent to every corner of the Solar System and beyond.

Astonishing Astronomy

Astronomy is the fascinating field which studies the universe and all the objects in it! Objects that included the Stars, Planets, Nebulae, and Galaxies.

Learn Fun Facts about everything from Solar Eclipses, Lunar Eclipses, the Constellations, how to read a Star Chart, Meteorites, Impact Craters, Orbits, the Aurora (Polar Lights) and Telescopes. Plus much more!

Check out Cool Space Related Activities and Projects that children (and adults) will love!

Current Missions In Space

At any one time, there are over a dozen Current Space Missions exploring the Solar System or orbiting Earth.

From the deep space explorer New Horizons, Juno at Jupiter, the Dawn spacecraft exploring the asteroids and the OSIRIS-REx mission to touch a Near Earth Object!

Then there’s the collection of spacecraft and rovers studying the Red Planet like the Mars Orbiters 2001 Mars Odyssey, MARVEN and the advanced Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter! And you’ll love learning Cool Facts About the rovers Curiosity and Opportunity! Learn about these Future Space Mission Too!

Space Centres, Events and Rocket Launches

If you’re keen to learn more about Space and Astronomy, then visit our Space Centres & Events page to find a list of over 20 Space themed Centres and Museums you can visit!

Check out the launch schedule of upcoming rocket launches around the world, you might be able to experience one! If you’re inspired to start a career related to Space and Astronomy then visit the Careers page!

Popular Culture and Galleries

Make sure you visit the Galleries page which has thousands of the best Space Images and diagrams of the planets, moons, space probes, spacecraft and so much more! These are all free for you download and will be perfect for your collection, project or presentations.

Also visit the Space in Popular Culture page to read a list of the 30 Best Space-Themed Movies, The 10 Best Space TV Series, Space Apps and Space Based Games. There are even funny Space Puns and Space Jokes to enjoy!